Cover visual of our new ubitricity and Lightyear whitepaper

ubitricity and Lightyear publish white paper showcasing solutions for a faster transition to e-mobility

Jan 18, 2022 | Press Releases

The white paper discusses the potentials of combining ubitricity’s low-power charging infrastructure and Lightyear’s highly efficient vehicles as a solution to boost EV adoption and to bring electricity to everyone, everywhere.

ubitricity and Lightyear, developer of long-range solar vehicles, released an industry white paper to propose solutions for a rapid electrification of mobility in Europe. By combining highly efficient solar electric vehicles and low-power chargers, the upscaling of and investments in the charging infrastructure and electricity grid can be minimized.

The German and Dutch companies have joined forces as they both offer innovative solutions for EVs to support countries, cities, and individuals to achieve the transformation to e-mobility. This is needed as regulatory as the Fit for 55-package propose to completely cut emissions from cars in the European Union by 2035, increasing the uptake of EVs.

And the public demand for electric vehicles is already growing strongly, with 84 million electric vehicles expected in the EU by 2030. But how are countries and cities able to provide a corresponding public charging infrastructure? The solution proposed by ubitricity and Lightyear gives an answer by combining low-power charging and highly efficient electric vehicles.

Low-power chargers like ubitricity’s lamp post charge points are the root charging solutions today, that enable a cost-efficient expansion of charging infrastructure, which is fit for most charging use cases. Highly efficient vehicles need to be charged less frequently, while having a higher charging speed on low power chargers. This would relieve some of the existing pressure on the electricity grid by reducing the power demand from EVs. By implementing electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure in an intelligent manner, it is possible to expedite and reach Europe’s climate ambitions, while providing benefits and reducing the costs for grid operators and end-consumers.

The white paper explains the potentials of ubitricity’s and Lightyear’s combined solution by highlighting all relevant information, using tables and figures to make it even more comprehensible. It showcases the benefits of low-power charging and highly efficient EVs and its connection to charging speed. To put the proposed solution into context, the white paper also gives an outlook into the rollout of electric vehicles, different EV charging scenarios and the need for on-street charging before discussing the path forward to charge all electric vehicles.

The white paper by ubitricity and Lightyear is available in several languages and can be downloaded for free: