7-22kW Fast
charging solutions

Perfect for car parks with a short dwell time, fast charge points can often be found in council car parks and leisure centres.

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A VW ID4 charges at a Shell Recharge AC fast charging station with a 22kw charging power in Le Havre, France, operated by ubitricity.

We are experts in installing fast charge points

Fast charge points are some of the most popular charging solutions in the UK. ubitricity have installed over 500 fast charge points across multiple projects in France and Germany.

ubitricity offers local authorities more than just hardware, we can support your EV strategy at every step of the way, from initial consultation to installation and long-term maintenance. 

How to charge your EV with ubitricity fast charge points


1. Find a charge point:

Locate a chargepoint using either the Shell Recharge app or another charge locator app such as ZapMap, PlugShare or WattsUp.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity fast charge points


2. Pay easily

Using either ad-hoc access at the charging point, via: contactless payment solutions supporting all major card carriers QR codes and Apple Pay / Google Pay or by using mobility apps such as Shell Recharge

How to charge your EV with ubitricity fast charge points


3. Start your charge

Plug in and start charging, users are only billed for the electricity they consume.

An EV driver is scanning the QR code of Direct Access at an ubitricity lamppost charge point to start the charging of her electric vehilce in Westminster, London, UK.

Fast charging at a glance

Fast Charge Points

  • usually fully charge an electric vehicle in 3-4 hours.
  • are ideal for charging EVs during short dwell times. For example at public car parks and leisure centres. 
  • can be equipped with two charging points per charging station.
  • are installed, operated and managed by ubitricity.

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