Lamppost and bollard charge points for on-street charging

Designed to fit into existing street furniture, our lamppost and bollard charge points are perfect for rapid residential roll-outs.

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The public charging mix contains of the scenarios lamppost and fast charging on-street, fast and rapid charging on car parks na drapid charging at hub.

Why are lamppost charge points a crucial part of EV charging infrastructure?

Typically, electric vehicle users will access a variety of different charge points in their day to day driving, the types of charger used differ depending on the situation the driver finds themselves in. For example, whilst travelling long distances, fast & rapid charging points may be favoured. However research shows that at or near-home charging is the most desired charging location.

Eight million UK households and just under a quarter (24%) of households in England do not have access to off-street or private parking. With charge point accessibility being one of the largest barriers to EV adoption, ubitricity lamppost and bollard charge points provide a low power, low cost and near home charging option.

Lamppost charging at a glance

ubitricity lamppost and bollard charge points…

  • are integrated into the existing infrastructure and keep footpaths clear
  • provide a low cost near home charging option
  • are the well suited to areas with long swell times or overnight charging

London: More than 7,000
ubitricity lamppost chargers

In London, lamppost charging points have proven their positive effect on the development of the mobility transition. Since 2018, ubitricity has installed more than 7,000 charging points there and thus contributed significantly to the progress of the mobility transition.


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Learn more about our innovative lamppost technology and how we are transforming the UK’s charging world in our animation.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity lamppost charge points


Find a charge point:

Locate a chargepoint using either the Shell Recharge app or another charge locator app such as ZapMap, PlugShare or WattsUp. All ubitricity chargepoints have a small sign fixed to the lamppost above the socket.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity lamppost charge points


Start your charge:

Plug your car into the charger using the standard Type 2 cable that you would use for home or destination charging. Start the charge by scanning the QR code at the charge point to use Direct Access or use your favorite e-mobility app such as Shell Recharge. Both are subscription free and can be used by anyone.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity lamppost charge points


An easier way to pay:

Depending on the authorisation, drivers pay by credit card, Apple Pay / Google Pay or via the payment methods stored in their mobility app – billing is always based on the charged kilowatt hours.

An EV driver is scanning the QR code of Direct Access at an ubitricity lamppost charge point to start the charging of her electric vehilce in Westminster, London, UK.

ubitricity lamppost charge points

A Hyundai IONIIQ 5 charges at ab ubitricity lamppost charger in Kensington and Chelsea in London, UK.
  • Uses existing infrastructure
  • Keeps footpaths free
  • Network-compatible
  • Short planning, highly scalable & quick installation
  • Easy to use for all EV drivers
  • Easy to relocate if required
  • Fully compliant to UK standards
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Accessible

ubitricity bollard charge points

  • Utilises existing power from street lights
  • ELEXON approved for use with unmetered supplies
  • Reduces street clutter, no need for separate
  • metered cabinet
  • Ideal for roads with no or sparse street lights or lights in the wrong location 
  • Option of multiple installations from feeder pillar
  • Ideal for car parks
  • Bollard self-rights after any vehicle strike
  • Typical power – 5kW

Technical data of lamppost charger CHELSEA

  • Charging capacity: Standard max. 5kW (single-phase, 25 A)
  • Rated voltage: 230V
  • Charging mode: Mode 3
  • Communication protocols: OCPP v1.6 Core + communication protocol, Firmware over-the-air updates
  • Housing: Suitable for poles with an inner diameter of > 110 mm in the base and > 67 mm in the column

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