50kW+ Rapid
charging solutions

Perfect for motorway service stations, petrol stations and public charging hubs. Rapid charge points typically take 30-60 minutes to fully charge an electric vehicle.

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Two DC chargers for rapid charging of electric vehicles at a Shell Recharge charging hub.
Illustration of a ubitricity / Shell Recharge rapid charger which can be used by local authorities to provide quick recharging for residents.

We are experts in rolling out rapid charge points

ubitricity focuses on state-of-the-art charging solutions for a demand-based charging mix. In addition to our innovative AC lamppost charge points, we also offer AC fast and a full portfolio of 50kW to 350kW DC rapid charge points. 

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ubitricity’s experience
with rapid chargers

At ubitricity, we offer Local authorities more than just hardware, we can support your EV strategy at every step of the way, from initial consultation to roll-out and long-term maintenance.

Four EVs are charging at ubitricity / Shell Recharge rapid charge points with charging power of 50, 150, 300 and more kW.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity rapid charge points


Find a charge point:

Locate a charge point using either the Shell Recharge app or another charge locator app such as ZapMap, PlugShare or WattsUp. All ubitricity chargepoints have a small sign fixed to the lamppost above the socket.

Two smartphone screens show ubitricity's charging network within the Shell Recharge App, an easy way for EV drivers to locate a nearby charging station.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity rapid charge points


Start your charge:

Plug your car into the charger using the standard Type 2 cable that you would use for home or destination charging. Start the charge by scanning the QR code at the charge point to use Direct Access or use your favorite e-mobility app such as Shell Recharge. Both are subscription free and can be used by anyone.

An EV driver is connecting a type 2 cable to one of ubitricity's public lamppost chargers, which can be used with pay-as-you-go, RFID charging cards and e-mobility apps.

How to charge your EV with ubitricity rapid charge points


An easier way to pay:

Depending on the authorisation, drivers pay by credit card, Apple Pay / Google Pay or via the payment methods stored in their mobility app – billing is always based on the charged kilowatt hours.

A driver of an electric vehicle scans the QR code of a public ubitricity charging point retrofitted in an existing streetlight.
ubitricity icon for rapid charging, a public charging solution with charging power of 50, 150, 300 and 400 kW at charging hubs.

Rapid charging at a glance

Rapid Chargers

  • are ideal for charging the EV during long journeys on motorways or central charging hubs.
  • can charge the vehicle’s battery to 80% capacity in 20 to 60 minutes.
  • are usually already equipped with a charging cable.

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