ubitricity have obtained the CO2 Performance Ladder Level 3

Gaining insights in the CO2 footprint – Paving actions to cut back emissions

ubitricity stands for “ubiquitous electricity” – because the energy needed for the transformation to electromobility is already available everywhere around us. Since being founded in 2008, ubitricity has been committed to making this energy available to everyone by installing and operating the right public EV chargers at the right place and right time: Thus, we offer a 360-degree public charging mix for every situation – Fast, rapid, lamppost and bollard charging.

Header image of a forest with arrows as a symbol for ubitricity's sustainability efforts within the CO2 performance ladder.

Our actions

We are highly committed to reduce our environmental footprint. The energy supply of our Berlin headquarter is already C02 neutral, with 100% of the heat demand generated onsite. We have also implemented a climate-friendly business trips policy to reduce CO2. And we operate an ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management system. Initially focusing on our organization and existing projects, we now have been monitoring the main sources of emissions in our operation in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Thanks to our actions to promote a more sustainable business, we have successfully obtained the certificate for the CO2 Performance Ladder Certification* Level 3. You can access our certificate here

Pie chart showing ubitricity's CO2 footprint in 2023 for full transparency in order to improve within the CO2 performance ladder.
CO2 Footprint 2023: 46,7 Tons CO2
  • Air Travel: 87%
  • Electric Cars: 3%
  • Trains: 6%
  • Electricity Real Estate: 4%
Based on our 2023 indicators, ubitricity is now implementing the following CO2 reduction and energy saving measures

CO2 Reduction

  • We encourage online meetings
  • We bundle meetings when an on-site visit is necessary
  • We reconsider how many people are needed on a business trip
  • We prefer trains instead of planes for domestic travels and international ones up to 700km distance – allowing around 15% of CO2 reduction by 2027 compared with 2023 numbers

Energy Savings

  • We request all ubitricity employees to turn off all lights when leaving a room
  • We request all ubitricity employees to switch off electrical appliances at the end of the day

Initiative Participations

  • ubitricity will join the Stichting Positieve Impact to share our best practices and gain insights on other companies’ actions. By that, we aim to exchange knowledge and stimulate innovation related to energy saving and CO2 reduction practices.
More information can be found here.

By implementing these and other related measures, ubitricity is aiming to:


reduction of our overall
CO2 emissions in 2024 compared to 2023


reduction of our overall
CO2 emissions in 2027 compared to 2023


usage of green energy at
our offices by 2027 compared to 2023

Image of several wind turbines as a symbolic image for the co2 performance ladder.

What is the CO2 performance ladder?

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a CO2 management system that consists of 5 levels. Up till level 3, an organisation that obtains a certificate on the Ladder reduces its own carbon emissions within its activities and projects. From level 4 and 5, the organisation also aims to reduce CO2 emissions on its business chain and sector. An organisation that is certified adheres to the requirements of the CO2 Performance Ladder, based on four angles:

  1. Insight: To determine different streams of energy and the carbon footprint of the organisation.
  2. Reduction: To develop ambitious goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  3. Transparency: To structurally communicate about organisation policies of CO2 reduction.
  4. Participation: To take part of business sector initiatives with regards to the reduction of carbon emissions.