ubitricity’s Leadership Team


Portrait of Daniel Kunkel, CEO at Shell ubitricity, supporting the transition to ev in the UK and other European countries.

Daniel Kunkel

  • CEO of ubitricity since 2022
  • Involved in the energy sector since 1997
  • Works for ubitricity’s parent company Shell in Germany, Malaysia, and the UK since 2004
  • In addition to his role at ubitricity, he is working at Shell as General Manager, Retail Engineering Solutions in London

Management Team

Portrait of Alexander Reinhardt, COO within the ubitricity management, maintaining a reliable and dense charging network in partnership with local authorities.

Alexander Reinhardt (COO)

  • Joined ubitricity in 2014
  • Previously GASAG and EMB Energie Mark Brandenburg GmbH
  • Background in environmental management, e-mobility and consulting
  • Expertise and passion for the topic of smart charging
Portrait of Anton Ohm, CFO within the ubitricity management, a member of the Shell Group.

Anton Ohm (CFO)

  • Joined ubitricity in 2020
  • Previously personal advisor to the management at Heinz Dürr GmbH
  • Background in corporate finance as well as in start-ups and M&A
  • Expertise and passion for building innovative business models
Portrait of Paul Nichols, CTO within the ubitricity management, developing public charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Paul Nichols (CTO)

  • Joined ubitricity in 2022
  • Previously Global Technical Lead for EV @ Shell supporting deployment & Scale up of EV across multiple use cases and geographies
  • 6+ years expertise in EV equipment’s, platforms, solutions & applications.
  • Joined Shell UK in 1998, Moved to Shell Global Team in 2006 and has undertaken International assignments in China & Australia
Portrait of Toby Butler, UK Managing Director at ubitricity, working alongside local authorities to roll out public charge points for EV drivers.

Toby Butler (UK Director)

  • Joined ubitricity in 2021
  • Involved in EV charging for over 6 years and in the transport and energy sector for over 20 years
  • Previously Shell General Manager E-Mobility Europe, leading the growth of EV charging infrastructure and services
  • His goal is to make EV charging as simple and convenient to help accelerate the energy transition