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We are ubitricity, the UK’s largest charge point operator and a member of the Shell group. We operate >8,000 public on-street charging stations within the Shell Recharge network.

En electric vehicle is charging at an ubitricity-operated Shell Recharge lamppost charging station for convenient charging close to home.
A Shell Recharge icon showing a wrench as a symbol for maintenance of public EV charging station from ubitricity.

An important notice about our Portsmouth network:

We have temporarily turned off our charge points in Portsmouth for essential maintenance.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused to our customers and would like to reassure them we are working tirelessly with Portsmouth council and Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (Distribution Network Operator) to bring these charge points back online.

This is an issue that is only affecting 36 charge points in our Portsmouth network. There is no change in service to the rest of our >7,750 charge points across the UK.

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An EV driver is connecting a charging cable to an ubitricity-operated Shell Recharge charging station in the UK.

NEWS: ubitricity rebrands charge points to Shell Recharge

We have started to rebrand our charge points to Shell Recharge. This change marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize e-mobility across the UK. 

Request a public EV charge point

Use the ubitricity form and we’ll pass it onto the relevant local authority. Please note that using this form does not guarantee a charge point placement.

An EV is charging at an ubitricity-operated Shell Recharge lamppost charging station, which can be requested by using a digital form on the ubitricity website.


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This page is specially dedicated to EV drivers for charging at ubitricity-operated charging stations.
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