EV Charging solutions for the public sector

Lamppost Charge points


An electric vehicle charges at a ubitricity lamppost charging station, a charging solution to expand public charging infrastructure.


  • Charge points by ubitricity
  • Charge rate up to 5.5 kW
  • Perfect for residential on-street overnight and long-dwell charging. 


Fast Charge points


An EV is charging at a ubitricity EV fast charging station with 22kW charging power.


  • 7-22 kW
  • Perfect for on-street and long-dwell charging.



Rapid Charge points


An EV is using rapid charging at a ubitricity public dc charger which can be installed by local authorties to rapidly expand public charging infrastructure.


  • 50 kW +
  • Perfect for on-the-go-charging



Why is the right mix of charging infrastructure so important?

Every EV driver has different needs. On long journeys, rapid charging (DC) to quickly recharge is the sensible choice, but day to day cars usually spend their time parked.  It is easier and more cost-effective for EV drivers to use long dwell times to charge at fast or lamppost charging points (AC) for example, at work, while shopping, at home or overnight. 


ubitricity graphic showcasing the public EV charging mix with lamppost charging, fast charging and rapid charging in the public sector.

Develop your local charging mix and implement it with ubitricity charging solutions

ubitricity icon for lamppost charging, a charging solution which uses existing infrastructure for public EV charge points.

Lamppost and Bollard
Charge Points

ubitricity icon for EV fast charging, a charging solution with charging stations with 7, 11 and 22kW charging power.

AC Fast Charge Points

ubitricity icon for rapid charging, a public charging solution with charging power of 50, 150, 300 and 400 kW at charging hubs.

DC Rapid Charge Points

ubitricity icon for the expansion of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in cities by local authorities and charge point operators.

Our Offer for Local Authorities