Spark up your EV knowledge

Jun 12, 2020 | Press Releases

The future of EV

The future of EV

Are you a fleet manager or transport planner in a council?

Are you interested in electric vehicles, their role in hitting your clean air and climate change targets, the latest practices in EV charging in the workplace, home and on-street charging, or curious what the future might hold for EV charging?

Well great news! You’ll find your answers by watching Green Fleet’s recent three-part webinar series. It’s packed with insights from a wide range of energy, transport and infrastructure specialists, including a few of us from ubitricity.

ubitricity provided three talks packed with insights and data from our experience operating nearly 2,000 public charge points in the UK.

We covered:

  • workplace charging for your commuting staff and fleets
  • how to use existing infrastructure to create a low-cost and convenient public charging network for your residents
  • how to understand the future of EV charging and pick the right technology today…

Here are a few titbits for you.

Charge up your workers
In session 1 on workplace charging, you’ll discover how organisations can install many charge points at low cost by working within the constraints of their buildings.
We showed how some businesses are using this to help their PHEV-driving employees cover all their commuting miles on their small batteries. Letting these employees recharge during their working day cut their fuel costs and boosts the organisation’s green travel plans.

The future of EV explained

Charge up your residents
In session 2 on public charging, you’ll discover how councils can provide a low-cost charging amenity, conveniently positioned right where their residents without driveways park.
We shared data around the charging behaviours of this group of EV drivers to show why providing lots of low power charge points is better than a few costly rapid chargers for this kind of charging   It seems clear that when it comes to public EV charging high power leads to high costs, low power leads to low costs. And who wants high costs?

Charge into the future
If you are more interested in the future of EV charging, please watch the third ubitricity webinar. We walk you through an innovation evaluation model to help you assess what kinds of EV charging solutions are likely to survive over the medium to long term, and which ones will likely fail. That’s an important skill for fleet managers and transport planners weighing up how best to structure their EV charging infrastructure.

Now charge into the webinars!
So, if you have any questions regarding electric vehicles, on-street charging or the future of smart cities, visit Green Fleet’s library to watch the webinars from ubitricity and the other presenters.