Siemens and ubitricity rollout first London GULCS EV charge points

Nov 21, 2018 | Press Releases

Southwark Council had the first of around 60 charging points for electric vehicles for residents without access to off-street parking installed by Siemens and ubitricity.

The charge points are installed in street lights, eliminating not only street clutter and the need for external components while preserving the look and feel of the street, and in EV charging bollards from NAL where the lamp posts are installed at the back of the footway.

EV drivers can access the charge points both with the ubitricity SmartCable or with a standard charging cable via the “Pay As You Go” option. Charging prices range from 16.2p/kWh with the SmartCable to 24p/kWh with Pay As You Go.

  • Pay As You Go users simply scan the QR Code on the charge point with your smart phone and enter their  payment details to start charging with their standard cable.
  • Charging with the ubitricity SmartCable is fully plug-and-play: No QR code, no RFID card, just connect and come back in the morning. The SmartCable with a personal energy tariff can be ordered online.

ubitricity are also cooperating on V2Street, an Innovate UK funded research project with EDF Energy, Upside Energy, and UK Power Networks on EV’s feeding electricity back to the grid (V2G).

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