Lambeth lampposts converted into electric vehicle smart charging stations

Aug 7, 2017 | Press Releases

LONDON – Electric vehicle drivers in the Lambeth Council borough area can now benefit from new charging points installed into existing street lampposts.

As part of efforts to improve air quality and make the transition to electric vehicles easier, Lambeth council has teamed up with ubitricity to incorporate a number of electric vehicle charging stations into street light columns.

Since last year ubitricity has installed more than 100 of its unique charge points across West and South-West London in conjunction with the London Borough of Hounslow, Westminster City Council, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and most recently the Hammersmith & Fulham and Lambeth Council authorities.

More than 19 sockets have now been installed in Lambeth, for residents with hybrid and electric cars as part of the borough’s trial of the smart charging infrastructure.

ubitricity developed its sockets to be installed where other traditional charging solutions have not been suitable. By utilising existing street furniture, chargers can be installed without additional street clutter; meanwhile, costs are significantly lower enabling more sockets to be rolled out with minimal visual impact on the urban environment.

As opposed to fast free standing chargers, ubitricity’s solution is specifically designed for lower power charging for local residents and workers without access to off-street parking. They can now charge their cars anytime at any of the streetlight sockets being rolled out across London.

Another major advantage of ubitricity’s solution is the charging handset, with integrated power meter with mobile communication connection. The cable allows charging at common charging points, measures usage and handles automatic billing while ensuring data security.

Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Housing & Environment, Jennifer Brathwaite said:

It’s important to make electric vehicle charging easier and more accessible for residents who own an electric car or are thinking of switching to electric. Incorporating charging points into existing street light columns is a convenient and cost-effective way to do this, and hopefully this trial will prove successful so we can roll out more and more.

“In Lambeth we’re determined to improve air quality, and steps like this that make switching to electric vehicles easier, will help us do that.”

ubitricity CEO, Knut Hechtfischer said:

The model used by boroughs ensures multiple columns converted per resident, avoiding the need for dedicated EV parking bays and removing parking spaces from the general supply.

“Installing our smart solution into London streetlight poles means greater convenience on our busy streets, less street furniture on narrow pavements and cheaper costs allowing Councils to install more charge points overall.