EDF Energy to power Ubitricity EV charging network

Dec 2, 2019 | Press Releases

Ubitricity has signed up EDF Energy to power its network of more than 1,800 public charge points as part of its work to help drivers without off-street parking access EV charging facilities.

Ubitricity’s network specialises in charge points integrated into lamp posts and bollards to enable drivers to access a reliable supply of power to charge their EVs, using a purchased SmartCable in some cases; around 40% of cars are parked on the street overnight in the UK.

The 1,800 public-access charge points each have a typical capacity of 5.5kW, giving the network a total capacity of 9.9MW, and includes 1,600 points in London after Ubitricity (through Siemens) was awarded one of four TfL contracts to install points using a ‘shared power supply’, such as utilising a lamp post, which reduces the cost of deployment and disruption for residents. These are classed as public-access, although in some cases they’re located in resident-only parking spots under borough-led plans.

EDF Energy has signed up to the deal as part of its commitment to being a major player in the EV sector.

Philippe Commaret, deputy managing director for customers at EDF Energy, said: “EDF Energy and Ubitricity share the same vision of a low carbon future, making this both a natural partnership and a wonderful opportunity.

“Home charging of electric vehicles has long been the preserve of people who own a house with a driveway to park and charge their car, creating a barrier to EVs for anyone living in a flat or without off-street parking. We want to make sure everyone is welcome to the electric vehicle revolution and Ubitricity’s offer opens up new opportunities for low-carbon transport to drivers in cities across the UK.”

Source: https://evfleetworld.co.uk/edf-energy-to-power-ubitricity-ev-charging-network/