ubitricity becomes the UK’s largest public EV charging network

Nov 27, 2020 | Press Releases

ZapMap shows that ubitricity leads the list of UK’s public charging networks with 2,554 charge points

ubitricity is now the UK’s largest public EV charging network with over 2,554 charge points and a 12,5% market share. Statistics from ZapMap, UK’s leading independent charge point database, show that ubitricity has leapt ahead of the competition growing from a very small network at the start of 2019 to having the largest market share of any public network today.

This is due to ubitricity’s innovative technology and approach to rolling out EV charging infrastructure on a national scale. ubitricity has developed a low-cost smart EV charger which is so small it can fit within a lamppost or bollard and is so cost-effective to purchase and install it has become a feature of many UK streets. There are now streets in London where every lamppost has been retrofitted with an ubitricity charger. These open standard charge points are easily accessed with a regular type 2 standard cable and a smartphone to scan the QR code on the lamp post for activation and payment.

ubitricity believes that EVs are for everyone and the idea of plugging in an EV whenever and wherever it is parked is core to ubitricity’s philosophy. Typically, cars are parked for 95% or the time and the average daily mileage is around 28 miles or 45 kilometers, even for some delivery and taxi drivers in London. By plugging in whenever the car is not moving the EV can be charged at a slower rate (for example overnight) which is the most convenient, lowest cost and lowest carbon way to do it. It also means that in the future world of smart grids and smart cities unused cars are connected and ready to support the grid through smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G). ubitricity charge points also provide a charging facility for local residents who don’t have off-street parking (40-60%) and for trades people working in the area and even taxi drivers and delivery drivers on a break.

Lex Hartman, CEO of ubitricity, says:

“I am immensely proud of the management team Daniel Bentham, Marcel Brzank, Alexander Reinhardt, Anton Ohm and the entire team in Berlin and London for achieving this milestone. Working with our partners, local authorities, and customers we are committed to providing Electricity for Everyone, Everywhere and accelerating the adoption of EVs in the UK, across Europe and further afield. We are ready to copy our success in other countries as well such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and more.”