Smart Charging:
A smarter way to charge

At ubitricity-operated charging stations, you can save money on your charging session. Smart Charging schedules your charging session to start during our off-peak hours.

Currently drivers who charge at home already have the option to smart charge and access cheaper tariffs. With our Smart Charging feature, we are bringing a similar advantage to people who don’t always have access to a home charger.

An ubitricity-operated Shell Recharge lamppost charging station which offers Smart Charging, a way to skip charging during peak hours to save money on your charge.

Where can I access
Smart Charging?

Currently Smart charging is available at >5,000 ubitricity-operated charge points. We plan to roll Smart charging to 90% of the network in the coming months, with the rest of the network following afterwards.

1. Locate your closest ubitricity-operated charge point. All our charge points have a small QR code fixed to the lamppost or bollard near the socket.

An EV driver is looking for the nearest ev charging station in the UK, using ubitricity's network of public Shell Recharge chargers with Smart Charging functionalities.

2. Plug your car into the charge point using the standard type-2 cable that you would use for home or destination charging.

An EV driver connects his EV to an ubitricity-operated Shell Recharge charging station, using Smart Charging for charging at cheaper rates during off peak hours.

3. Scan the QR code on the plate above the charge point to open the pay-as-you-go web page.

An EV driver scans the QR code of a ubitricity-operated Shell Recharge charging station in the UK to start Smart Charging.

4. After 4pm, select the ‘Smart Charging’ option and we’ll schedule your to start when our off-peak hours pricing begins (11pm-6am).

An EV driver selects ubitricity's Smart Charging option on his smartphone to schedule the charge of his electric vehicle at an public Shell Recharge charging station.

What is Smart Charging?

Smart Charging technology allows customers who plug in from 4pm to automatically schedule their charge to start during the off-peak window, saving them money on their charge.

*Please note that the off-peak window may differ on some charge points across the network, our Smart charging hours and pricing for individual charge points will always be reflected on our Pay-as-you-go screens before you start your charge.

A Shell Recharge icon showing a lightbulb as a teaser for the frequently asked questions section for ubitricity-operated charging stations.

Need help with Smart Charging?

Call us on 0800 024 6297

Smart Charging FAQ


Where is Smart Charging available?

Currently Smart charging is available at over 5,000 ubitricity-operated on-street charging stations. Charge points with Smart charging enabled will show a info section on the pay-as-you-go web page and a pop-up before entering your payment details to activate Smart charging.

When is Smart Charging available?

Pay-as-you-go customers who plug in from 4pm will be given the option to select Smart Charging.

How will I know my charging session has started?

The LED light on the charge point will turn green to show that your session has started – we just won’t send any power to your car until 11pm. Depending on what type of car you have, you may see a different message in your car app.

What will happen to my cable if I opt for Smart Charging?

We’ll lock your cable in place once you’ve selected our Smart Charging option. We won’t send any power to your car during until our off-peak hours window begins (11pm-6am). At the end of the charge, just unlock your cable as normal.