Press Review

Aug. 18, 2015, Exceptional

Energy everywhere

In the current issue of the magazine Exceptional you may find an interview with ubitricity's COO Dr. Frank Pawlitschek with the title "Energy everywhere". He explains how ubitricity's innovative charging solution can help the spread of electric cars.

Aug. 5, 2015, Germany - Land of Ideas

German Innovation: ubitricity

The Federal Ministry of Research and Education published an article featuring ubitricity in a leading role. The Berlin enterprise is solving the problems of future mobility.

July 1, 2015, stadt+werk

Streetlights to charge points

The journal for local energy economics stadt+werk reports in its July/August-edition on the current status of charging infrastructure for electric cars in Germany. ubitricity's idea of integrating charge points into street lights "appears ingenious", says the author. Thus public charging infrastructure is becoming "particularly efficient and cost-effective".

June 16, 2015, Deutschlandradio Kultur

The challenge of finding a charge point

Deutschlandradio Kultur spoke about electric mobility and ubitricity's street light solution on June 16. One may read or listen to the report here.

June 2, 2015, Factor

Turning street lights into charging points

The British magazine FACTOR published an article on its website called "Meet the company turning streetlights into electric car charging points". That company, of course, is ubitricity. The author is citing from an interview with Nina Keim, spokesperson for ubitricity.

May 25, 2015, Wirtschaftswoche

Start-up support for startups

Today, the business news magazine Wirtschaftswoche writes about vodafone's new program to support startups. The idea arose from the already two-year-old cooperation with ubitricity. Vodafone's flexible and high-performing M2M-platform has now become a central component of ubitricity's charging system. Indeed, it was this positive experience that inspired vodafone to give "start-up support" to other startups, too.

May 18, 2015, neue energie

Electricity for the trunk

The magazine for renewable energies neue energie presents ubitricity in the  business section of its current May issue.  According to editor Isaac Bah the concept is "as easy as obvious" and could give electric mobility "a major boost forward". Why this is the case, the article explains as detailed as possible and as easy as necessary. For as complex the system behind the idea is, as simple is the benefit: A service that makes "electricity mobile". That enlarges energy suppliers' product portfolio and enables them to provide their customers with electricity to go - kind of for the trunk.

Learn more about it:

May 5, 2015, eMobilServer

swb gives kick-off for new charging system

"The whole success of EVs depends crucially on the quality, reliability and affordability of charging infrastructure. Such an economical system could be the solution", says swb's director about the concept developed by ubitricity. eMobilServer takes up the inauguration of the partnership between swb and ubitricity in Bremen and Bremerhaven to explain ubitricity’s mobile metering.

May 3, 2015, Weser Kurier

Street light charging

ubitricity's system is „way easier to install than any existing stationary charging pole”, says swb’s director. For instance embedded in the newly equipped street light poles on swb’s company grounds. The Weser Kurier reports on the project’s kick off, also explaining the innovative solution for charging infrastructure.

April 10, 2015, TAM07 - Nachrichten für die Versorgungswirtschaft

Bensheim tests smart charging

"The city is becoming model community for the construction of an economic, smart and mobile charging infrastructure, billing included", says the magazine TAM about the new pilot project in Bensheim. ubitricity will be building 50 new charging spots there, together with TE Connectivity and GGEW AG.

March 30, 2015,

Pilot project launched

"More and more cities and municipalities are adressing the subject of electric mobility with huge dynamism and are ready to try out the new and trendsetting technology", reports on the launch of our pilot project in Bensheim.

March 25, 2015, stadt+werk

An exemplar city in e-mobility

stadt+werk reports about the new partnership between energy supplier GGEW, TE Connectivity and ubitricity. This joint project is meant to enhance e-mobility significantly in Bensheim until the end of 2015.

March 25, 2015, eMobilitätOnline

Bensheim becomes model community

"Bensheim, located in the region Hessische Bergstraße ("Hessian Mountain Road"), is becoming a model community for the construction of an economic, smart and mobile charging infrastructure - billing included." That's what eMobilitätOnline says about the joint project of ubitricity, TE Connectivity and the GGEW AG.

March 25, 2015, E&M Powernews

Bensheim electrically driving ahead

Together with the regional energy provider GGEW AG and TE Connectivity ubitricity startet a new pilot project in Bensheim. 50 charging spots are to be installed by GGEW there to significantly improve the charging infrastructure for electric cars and give incentives especially to companies to enlarge their electric fleets and use the low-cost mobile electricity tariff of GGEW. Energie & Management (E&M) Powernews reports on that new project in a two-page article.

March 6, 2015, Berliner Zeitung

Electric mobility in Berlin on the rise

The Berliner Zeitung reports in a March 3 article on the progress made by the e-mobility industry in Berlin. In doing so it is also presenting ubitricity and the mobile meter. An idea with great potential and charming application opportunities, says the editor. It even allows fast and cost-effective conversions of street lights to EV charging spots.

Jan. 31, 2015, 50,2

Converting instead of upgrading

"What the future of charging stations for electric mobility can look like is now showing a pilot project in Berlin." With these words the magazine 50,2, which is dealing with smart electricity grids, applauds the Berlin street light charging project of ubitricity. But "to associate ubitricity only with street light installations wouldn't do justice to the flexibility of the system." Thanks to the mobile meter integrated in the charging cable, the costs for the establishment of a charging infrastructure in public spaces can be reduced by 90%. Also electricity providers are enabled to offer individual mobile electricity tariffs to their customers.

Jan. 31, 2015, Hzwei

How to charge at street lights

The "magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells" Hzwei published in its January issue an article about street light charging. The advantages of the Mobile Metering System are laid out in detail and projects in the different regions are being addressed. The article is also speaking about ubitricity's talks with communication supplier vodafone, who is involved in considerations on installing socket outlets in two percent of German street lights.

Jan. 19, 2015, L'atelier

French online medium reports

L'atelier, a French online information portal by the BNP Paribas group regularly reports on promising technical innovations - today on ubitricity. Thanks to the idea of a charging cable with an integrated electricity meter electric cars will be able to charge almost everywhere in the future - even at street lights, the author writes enthusiastically.

The system is also contributing to a further liberalization of the energy industry. Similar to a mobile phone contract the user of a "mobile energy contract" has a free choice of provider and tariff, in contrast to the standard tariff at a conventional charging station.

Because charging spots can be reduced to simple system sockets by the use of mobile meters, the development of a widespread charging infrastructure is made possible and therefore parking spot reservations for electric cars are not necessary.

Jan. 16, 2015, not impossible

Silicon Valley draws attention to ubitricity

The web-based community and popular news service not impossible based in San Francisco that pools knowledge and resources to create technology, reported on the business idea of ubitricity with the catchy heading 'Charging Your Electric Car Just Got a Whole Lot Easier With Mobile Technology'. (English article)

Jan. 12, 2015, E&M Powernews

Electric mobility picks up speed

E&M Powernews reports on the extension of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and the dispute between politics and the energy industry because of the lack of a financing concept. The investment needs in public standard and quick charging stations is until 2020 at about 110 Million Euro every year. However, there is yet another possibility to build an economic widespread charging infrastructure. ubitricity is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, too, and can upgrade up to 100 street lights with simple and cost-efficient system sockets. In that manner and with the use of smart charging cables with integrated electricity meters efficient charging spots can be installed.

Jan. 8, 2015, Orizzontenergia

Parking next to a street light becomes smart

"In Germany there is a new system, which could be able to amplify the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles", reports the italien online information portal Orizzontenergia on ubitricity. An infrastructure solution at a reasonable price that could ease the life of Berlin users of electric cars significantly. And not only that - thanks to the mobile meter customers can choose their electricity provider and tariff themselves.

Ecco quindi che arriva dalla Germania un nuovo sistema che potrebbe ampliare, e di parecchio, la rete di ricarica per i veicoli elettrici. - See more at:
Ecco quindi che arriva dalla Germania un nuovo sistema che potrebbe ampliare, e di parecchio, la rete di ricarica per i veicoli elettrici. - See more at:
Ecco quindi che arriva dalla Germania un nuovo sistema che potrebbe ampliare, e di parecchio, la rete di ricarica per i veicoli elettrici. - See more at:
Dec. 5, 2014,

Electricity for e-cars at street lights

The digital radio reports in its business section about Berlin's problem of the absense of charging stations and presents ubitricity's idea of street light charging as a possible solution. The only hitch is the implementation. However, problematic is not the concept itself, but its funding by the capital. With Nina Keim, the spokesperson of ubitricity, the reporter talks about the technique behind the concept and its implementation in everyday life.

Dec. 2, 2014, stadt + werk

Street lights newly energized

The professional magazine for the communal energy industry stadt + werk writes in an online article about the partnership of ubitricity and distribution system operator Stromnetz Berlin and the joint upgrading of 10 light poles to charging spots as part of a modernization. Potential for such a cooperation exists annually for 300,000 light poles across Germany, says ubitricity's co-founder Frank Pawlitschek. Municipalities could use synergy effects to provide affordable charging spots soon.

Dec. 1, 2014, Europoles Inside

Electricity from a street light

Europoles Inside writes about the partnership of Europoles and ubitricity in the field of street light charging and the progress of the project InnovationCity Ruhr in Bottrop, where street lights are being upgraded to charging stations for electric vehicles. Thanks to the joint work it is possible to implement a charging infrastructure fast and effectively, states Europoles.

Dec. 1, 2014, euronews

Charging point solution for electric cars

 In twelve different languages euronews reports on the inauguration of four new system sockets, integrated into street lights, in the Altonaer Straße in Berlin-Mitte. In a video among other things you can see Helmar Rendez from ubitricity's project partner Stromnetz Berlin, performing a charging process.

Dec. 1, 2014, Mobile Business

Intelligent Charging

The Mobile Business Magazine explains street light charging in its december issue. As part of a joint pilot project the energy service provider Grundgrün and the Berlin startup ubitricity are putting charging of electric cars with intelligent charging cables to the test.

Dec. 1, 2014, LivingLab BWe mobil

The future lies in intelligent charging cables

The project LivingLab BWe mobil, which is supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg, publishes on its webpage an article about the ubitricity Bodensee-project. Since autumn 2013 the ubitricity system is put to test there, now it will move to project phase 2. Since recently it gains support by the state Ministry of Transport. Soon 60 e-car-drivers will be charging on up to 130 charging spots in the region. Project manager Arwen Colell predicts for the future of charging infrastructures: "The system that is economic and offers a high degree in freedom for the user will outrun the others."

Nov. 25, 2014, German Center for Research and Innovation New York

GCRI New York reports on ubitricity

The concept of smart mobile charging has spread all the way to New York. The German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) New York reports on ubitricity's idea and goals. The Berlin-based start-up is taking on the challenge of the charging infrastructure and therefore "transfers the ease and logic of mobile communication to the energy industry", the GCRI says. "With ubitricity, grid access, including smart charging and billing, becomes affordable."

transfers the ease and logic of mobile communication to the energy industry - See more at: mache den Netzanschluss, einschließlich smarten Ladens und Abrechnens, bezahlbar.
Nov. 26, 2014, Die Welt

Berlin street light project

In an online article the German newspaper Die Welt reports on ubitricity's progress in modifying street lights and explains the system of the intelligent charging cable in a few words. According to the newspaper, recharging electric cars at sockets installed in street lights is a "simple and effective idea". By now 13 street lights in Berlin are equipped with sockets, 100 are agreed on with the city of Berlin.

Nov. 25, 2014, Der Tagesspiegel

Four new charging points in Hansaviertel

On Monday ubitricity inaugurated four new light poles in Berlin-Moabit, at which electric cars can be recharged from now on with a ubitricity charging cable. The Tagesspiegel calls this an "important step towards a better charging infrastructure" and quotes Helmar Rendez, CEO of Stromnetz Berlin, who, as a partner of ubitricity, was at the inauguration himself: "electricity grids are the petrol stations of the future." The author closes that it remains to be hoped there will follow more light poles.

Nov. 25, 2014, BILD and BZ

Street light charging in Tiergarten

"For some people they are just four street lights. For others it's the smallest electricity filling station of Berlin." Bild and BZ are reporting about the inauguration of the new street lights, too. Both see electromobility as "THE car technique of the future" and applaud ubitricity's solution of street light charging.

Nov. 20, 2014,

OBM: start of field test in Saarland

Within the framework of the On-Board-Metering project the project partners ubitricity, the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and the VOLTARIS GmbH are doing research on an innovative and cost-effective charging infrastructure solution for electric cars - the mobile electricity meter. The internet news agency reports that the starting signal for yet another pilot project was given. The field test in Merzig in Saarland was launched together with the minister for economic affairs Anke Rehlinger and the minister of the environment Reinhold Jost.

Nov. 19, 2014,

System sockets instead of expensive charging stations writes about the new field test in Saarland. As part of the research project On-Board-Metering the project partner put charging of electric vehicles with mobile metering technology and simple system sockets to the test. In Saarland this innovative and cost-effective charging infrastructure will now become implemented.

Nov. 17, 2014, e21.magazin

Mobile billing

In this month's edition of the e21.magazin one may find an interview with Knut Hechtfischer, CEO of ubitricity. The topics are the challenges of the charging infrastructure and the ubitricity system of mobile metering and personal-exact billing. Hechtfischer names the conclusion of several thousand mobile electricity contracts as ubitricity's business objective for the end of 2015. So far, the resonance has been encouragingly positive, said Hechtfischer.

Nov. 14, 2014

As simple as ingenious: street light charging

The Berlin radio Inforadio vom rbb is reporting about the Berlin street light project today. In the city, 30 to 40 street lights are supposed to be modified by the end of this year, so that electric cars can be recharged there. Like that, it's possible to quickly establish an extensive and affordable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Nov. 8, 2014, Der Tagesspiegel

More Freedom while Charging

Today, the daily newspaper Tagesspiegel presented ubitricity's solution of an intelligent charging system. Moreover, in cooperation with ubitricity, the Tagesspiegel called for electromobilists to try out charging in public spaces. As part of the Berlin street light project five electric car owners will test the charging system from January to December 2015.

Oct. 27, 2014, Handelsblatt

ubitricity honored pioneer

The German business and financial newspaper Handelsblatt introduces this year's winners of the Energy Awards. In the category 'conveyance of the year' ubitricity won the race. The awards were designed to honor people, companies and ideas, which are supporting the progress of the energy transition. "Brave pioneers" who have the courage to do something, are needed, according to Handelsblatt.
(article in German)

Oct. 26, 2014, Handelsblatt

Chicken-and-egg problem of EVs

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported on the Germans hitch with electric vehicles. It's not simply a question of money, according to the article. There are already smart and affordable solutions, for instance ubitricity's idea of street-light integrated system sockets and an intelligent power cable that makes charging easy, according to Handelsblatt.

Oct. 18, 2014, Südkurier Online

Charging made easy

The German newspaper Südkurier reports on the kick-off of ubitricity's pilot project in the Lake Constance area. Under the slogan 'driving electric in the Lake of Constance region' the project aims to promote emobility in the region and expand efficient charging infrastructure. 

Oct. 10, 2014, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Street-light charging

Michael Bauchmüller reports for the leading German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung on ubitricity's street-light integrated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Oct. 9, 2014, Berliner Morgenpost

Innovation made in Berlin

The Berlin daily newspaper reports on the presentation of the innovation web site initiated by the Berlin Technology Foundation. The web site presents innovative businesses developed and founded in Berlin. ubitricity is among the portrayed companies.

Sept. 15, 2014, Handelsblatt

ubitricity nominated for Energy Award 2014

The leading German business and financial paper "Handelsblatt" introduces the finalists of this year's Energy Awards - amongst them is ubitricity. With the smart solution for the commonly charging dilemma of EV's, ubitricity has been nominated in the category "conveyance of the year". (article in German)

Sept. 4, 2014,

ubitricity portrait

Just in time for the hy! industry series event, the German startup-news site "" portraits ubitricity as one of two promising startups in the field of connected cars.

Sept. 1, 2014, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

Making e-mobility more attractive

In today's edition, the leading daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports on ubitricity's efficient system for charging infrastructure and quotes CEO Knut Hechtfischer: "ubitricity connects business models from the telecommunication industry with the energy industry. For recharging your EV anywhere, you only need one mobile electricity device."

Aug. 20, 2014, Le Monde

The New Tool of Green Transport

Le Monde reports on EDF pulse and mentions the innnovative approach of ubitricity's intelligent charging and comprehensive infrastructure.

Aug. 15, 2014, FAZ Hochschulanzeiger

Light poles as power stations

In an interview with FAZ Hochschulanzeiger Nicolas Klein, ubitricity’s Head of Series Development Embedded Hard- and Software, explains the future potential of e-mobility and the advantages of new concepts to charging infrastructure. “Conventional charging stations act like phone booths: They have an integrated electricity meter used for the billing process. That means the pillars are packed with technology, which makes them expensive. We are basically working on the mobile phone: Within our system mobile electricity meters, that can be carried inside the car, are responsible for the billing.” 

Aug. 4, 2014, ADAC Motorwelt

Solution for charging issues

The ADAC, Europes largest automobile club, reported on charging issues of electric vehicles in the latest issue of their membership magazine Motorwelt. The article mentions ubitricity`s approach as an affordable solution, specificly emphasizing the advantages of street-light integrated system sockets as public carging spot. (Article in German, see Motorwelt 8/2014, p. 22)

July 28, 2014, JustPark Beta

Connected Expertise

On July 23, 2014, Dr. Frank Pawlitschek (ubitricity's COO) visited the "Energy Campus Nürnberg" as one of approximately 80 experts from economics and sciences in order to discuss the future of charging. Also, he presented the advantages of the ubitricity system: "It is not only more ecological but also cheaper if you charge the electricity as soon as it is available in abundance and energy suppliers would have to transfer it to Austria instead." 

July 11, 2014, Badische Zeitung

Archdiocese tests charging infrastructure

The Badische Zeitung reports on the e-mobility project of the archdiocese of Freiburg and explains how the smart charging infrastructure together with ubitricity's in-cable mobile meter will facilitate the complicated charging logistics in the diocese.

July 11, 2014, e21 Newsletter

smartlab and ubitricity Cooperate

The new edition of the e21 Newsletter reports on the cooperation between the two leading actors in German electric mobility.

July 10, 2014, Archdiocese Freiburg

Church is Testing EVs in Daily Routine

The Freiburg Archdiocese and the Berlin start-up have started a joint field test. In the course of the model project “mobile electric“, the project partners are testing ubitricity’s intelligent charging infrastructure based on mobile metering with the archdiocese’s electric fleet.

July 3, 2014, Südkurier

Regardless of charging location

The local newspaper Südkurier reports on the introduction of the blue badge that exempts e-vehicle users in the district of Constance from parking fees and mentions ubitricity. For EV user to load in public parking spaces, ubitricity’s alternative charging infrastructure concept is currently tested in a field trial in the Lake Constance region. With this system EV users can consume their desired electricity (e. g. from renewable sources) regardless of where they charge, emphasizes the Südkurier.

July 3, 2014, Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft

Groundbreaking Cooperation

The "Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft" (Journal for Municipal Economy) also reports on the freshly established cooperation between ubitricity and smartlab in the new field test inclucing smart charging at the streetlight in the city of Osnabrück, calling it a "groundbreaking cooperation".  

July 3, 2014, ökonews AT

smartlab and ubitricity Join Forces

The Austrian daily paper for Renewable Energies and Sustainability "ökonews" reports on the new field test that smartlab and ubitricity have launched in the course of a smart-grid technology project in the city of Osnabrück. "This is the prelude to the joint development and marketing of products for electric mobility as an integral element of smart grids. For the time being, we are focussing on the topic of billing, e.g. the billing of employers or landlords.", says ubitricity's COO Dr. Frank Pawlitschek.

July 1, 2014, Berliner Morgenpost

New Partners for ubitricity

In their Berlin start-up special "Gründerzeit", the Berlin daily "Berliner Morgenpost" reports on ubitricity's new field test in Osnabrück, initiated in cooperation with the innovation network of the municipal utilities of Aachen, Duisburg and Osnabrück "Smartlab". ubitricity's technology will be integrated into a smart-grid technology field test that is currently running in the city of Osnabrück.

June 27, 2014, Der deutsche Innovationspreis

EDF Invests in ubitricity

In their "Innovation Blog", the German Prize for Innovation report on the investment of the French company EDF into the Berlin start-up ubitricity. 

June 26, 2014, neue energie

A Simple Socket

The Journal for Renewable Energies "neue energie" discusses the German federal government's plan regading the roll-out of charging infrastructure for EVs and presents the ubitricity system. "It is crucial that the charging spot does not create any running costs for online-communication and data services. It simply is a socket", says Dr. Frank Pawlitschek (COO).

June 24, 2014, Capital

Street lights with sockets

In the its monthly section “Die Aufbrecher”, the Capital Magazine reports on Knut Hechtfischer, Founder and CEO of ubitricity, and his idea to equip street lights with sockets to turn them into power stations for electric vehicles.

June 16, 2014, Bergsträßer Anzeiger

Simply charge mobile power everywhere

"It's about the idea to simply charge mobile power wherever you are." That’s how Frank Pawlitschek, founder and COO of ubitricity, describes the future of electric mobility at the energy talk of the 2014 Hessentag pointing to the advantages of mobile metering and billing technology.

May 30, 2014, Bergsträßer Anzeiger

Filling the gap

In the run-up of the Hessentag 2014 the local newspaper, Bergsträßer Anzeiger, reports on the lack of ubiquitous charging infrastructure and further explains how the Berlin-based company ubitricity is precisely stepping into this gap. From 6th to 15th of June ubitricity, together with its project partner TE Connectivity, will exhibit its smart charging technology at the festival in Bensheim.

May 16, 2014, Sat.1

Good evening news: ubitricity on TV

In its Sunday evening news the German television Sat.1 reported on eMobility. As a solution to the lack of charting spots, the broadcasting station presents ubitricity's street light charging and interviewed our founder and COO Frank Pawlitschek. 

May 15, 2014, DIE ZEIT (print edition no. 21)

Street lamps turn into refueling stations

The newest edition of DIE ZEIT, one of Germany’s leading newspaper, reports on the fundamental problem of e-mobility: EVs can hardly find sockets to recharge. In a detailed article the newspaper explains how ubitricity’s charging infrastructure concept is able to solve this.

May 15, 2014, mobility2.0week

Alternative to charging stations

The online journal "mobility2.0week" reports on charging with a mobile meter as an alternative to conventional charging stations as well as on ubitricity's current field tests in the Lake Constance region.

May 8, 2014, Südkurier

Refueling with an intelligent power cable

The local newspaper Südkurier reports on the launch of the ubitricity pilot project in Radolfzell/Lake Constance and praises "refueling with an intelligent power cable" as an innovative alternative to the existing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

May 6, 2014, The Hundert

Reaching for the Stars

In the second edition of the magazine "The Hundert", 100 start-up enterprises based in Berlin are presented and portrayed. ubitricity is one of them - take the time to have a look! 

May 5, 2014, Berliner Morgenpost

ubitricity as part of the Citiy of Innovation

In the Berlin daily "Berliner Morgenpost", ubitricity is mentioned as an important example for Berlin's leading role in facilitating innovation in European economy.

May 1, 2014, enorm Magazin

Five questions before buying an EV

Phillip Bittner reports for the German monthly "enorm Magazin" on the five essential questions EV users need to solve before driving electric. When seeking charging spots in cities, Bittner presents ubitricity's street-light charging as a solution.

April 25, 2014, Der Tagesspiegel

A Basis for the Best

The German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel describes the EUREF-Campus as a "basis for the best", also mentioning ubitricity as an innovative company. ubitricity's offices are based on the Campus of the European Energy Forum (EUREF) since August 2013.

April 23, 2014, Bergedorfer Zeitung

"Refueling" at lighting poles

An article by the local newspaper Bergedorfer Zeitung illustrates how more and more municipalities consider developing charging networks for EVs. Here too, ubitricity’s smart charging is seen as an affordable solution for ubiquitous charging infrastructure.

April 11, 2014, SWR

ubitricity Field Test in Lake Constance Region

The local TV broadcast SWR (South-West Broadcast) put together a small movie about the field test of ubitricity technology around Lake Constance. 

April 11, 2014, Südkurier

Something's Happening with eMobility

The field test of ubitricity's mobile metering technology is featured in the local newspaper "Südkurier". 

April 1, 2014, ATZelektronik

The Market Will Demand It

Dr. Rupert Stützle, ubitricity's CTO, in an interview with the professional automobile electronic jounal ATZelektronik: "Even when I was stil working with Bosch, I was convinced that charging infrastructure for EVs would become a limiting factor for electric mobility. I was not convinced by the concepts that were offered - until I got to know ubitricity and their economically worthwile and thus superior concept."

April 3, 2014,

Charging Electric Cars At Street Lights, an online-platform for electric mobility, reports on ubitricity's and Berlin energy provider Grundgrün's cooperative field test of ubitricity's charging infrastructure based on mobile metering.

April 2, 2014, Forbes Magazine

What If?

In Forbes Magazine, Knut Hechtfischer comments on ubitricity's innovation in charging infrastructure: "How do you make a service ubiquitously available today? Exactly. By attaching it to a mobile device that you bring along. In most cases today, it’s your smart phone. But the commercial and technical logic can be applied to access other things or services, too."

April 1, 2014,

Green Energy for EVs at the Street Light

The webpage for electric mobility reports on ubitricity's and independent energy provider Grundgrün's cooperative field test: "The mobile metering system makes sure that renewable energy is always attainable for the vehicle while at the same time enabling smart grid integration by monitored charging", Marek Hornschild (COO Grundgrün) explains.

March 27, 2014, Berliner Morgenpost

The Dream of an Electric Future

Joachim Fahrun reports from the Berlin "Hauptstadtkonferenz für Elektromobilität" in the Berliner Morgenpost: "State secretary Reiche mentioned the Berlin start-up ubitricity as a positive example. They have come up with a way for everyone to charge their electric car at the closest street light."

March 26, 2014, Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft

Charging with Mobile Electricity Meter

The journal for municipal economics "Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft" (ZfK) reports on the ubitricity mobile metering system currently implemented in the joint field test of Berlin energy provider Grundgrün and ubitricity: "The electricity is not measured and billed by a fixed installed meter in the street light, but by the customer's portable charging device. Now, the metering point is mobile and independent of existing infrastructure."

March 25, 2014, Tagesspiegel

Berlin Sets the Standard

On the occasion of the second Berlin "Hauptstadtkonferenz Elektromobilität", the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel interviewed Claudia Yzer, the Berlin Senator for Economy, Technology and Innovation. She says: "The capital region is setting standards even today. (...) The best examples are ubitricity, Hubject or Yoove." 

March 25, 2014, Tagesspiegel

Prolific Providers

Quoting Frank Pawlitschek, the Tagesspiegel writes: "Conjoining IT and mobility will be a great transformation." His enterprise seeks to apply the change that mobile phones made in telecommunication to the energy sector.

March 18, 2014, MDR, "Einfach Genial"

Ingenious approach

The inventor magazine "Einfach Genial" reports on the "simple and ingenious approach“ for ubiquitous charging infrastructure of ubitricity. The TV program shows how mobile meters make charging and billing possible anywhere along the way.

March 15, 2013, Challenge Bibendum

Challenge Bibendum Word Rap features Frank Pawlitschek

ubitricity Managing Director Frank Pawlitschek gives his take on e-mobility developments in the Challenge Bibendum Word Rap.

March 13, 2014, Deutsche Welle

Power from street lighting

In March ubitricity participated in the “Forum Elektromobilität” event with a talk on ubiquitous charging infrastructure by ubitricity COO and founder, Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, and contributed to the accompanying exhibiton. Deutsche Welle - impressed by ubitricity’s concept of recharging at lighting poles - reports on the event.

Feb. 24, 2014, BizTravel

EVs welcome

The online magazine for business travels "BizTravels" reports on the inauguration of the first ubitricity charging sport for hotel guests at the Welcome Hotel in Frankfurt. 

Feb. 20, 2014, Handeslsblatt

The future of e-mobility

When Matthias Wissmann looks out of his office in central Berlin, the President of the The German Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) gets an impression of how the future of e-mobility could look like", says Germany's leading business newspaper, Handelsblatt, referring to ubitricity's street light integrated smart charging solution that is currently tested by the VDA in Berlin.

Jan. 22, 2014, SPIEGEL ONLINE

Let there be chargeable light!

"Electric cars are the ideal cars inside cities", write the SPIEGEL ONLINE, "at least for people with their own garage, carport or any other socket connection." In order that everybody can charge their electric car everywhere it stands for a longer time anyways - at home, at the workplace, at the grocery store - ubitricity developed the smart charging cable, with which electricity can be charged and precisely billed at simple system sockets , which can (for example) be integrated into street lights. "The Berlin-based startup shows how one may install in a fast, simple and cheap way many new charging spots."

Jan. 17, 2014, VDI-Nachrichten

Simple, yet ingenious!

The German newspaper for technology topics, VDI-Nachrichten, reports on the simple, yet ingenious, idea of the mobile metering technology and interviews Dr. Rupert Stützle: "Our system is considerably less costly than the expansion of a network of conventional power stations," says ubitricity’s CTO.

Jan. 9, 2014, Der Tagesspiegel

Electric Driving

In its print edition, the German newspaper Tagesspiegel reports on driving with electric power and quotes ubitricity founder Knut Hechtfischer: "A well-functioning infrastructure is essential for e-vehicles. " (article in german).

Dec. 19, 2013, Die WELT

First streetlamp fueling station opened

First streetlamp charging spot opened: Die WELT reports on how the German Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) tests ubitricity charging technology in front of its headquarter in Berlin.

Dec. 14, 2013,

Testing ubitricity charging infrastructure

The daily newspaper for renewable energy and sustainability,, reports on the joint pilot project of ubitricity and the German Federal Association of Solar Mobility (BSM). Interested EV-users can test the ubitricity mobile metering system at the system socket installed in front of the BSM building in Berlin.

Nov. 28, 2013, auto motor und sport

Lighting poles as electricity charging stations

Lighting poles as electricity charging stations: The leading German automotive magazine “auto motor und sport” reports in edition 25/2013 on ubitricity and the new way of refueling electricity.

Nov. 24, 2013, SWR4

Unique field test

The German public radio station SWR4 reports on the "uniquie field test for eMobility" by ubitricity. Starting January 2014, ubitricity charging infrastructure will be tested in the Lake Constance area.

Nov. 8, 2013, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Revolution of charging infrastructure

“Simply recharge with a charging cable at street light.” The print edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports on how two Berliners revolutionize charging infrastructure for EVs with a groundbreaking idea.


Nov. 2, 2013, Südkurier

Südkurier on the pilot project “Lake Constance”

Südkurier reports on the joint field trial of ubitricity and the Energy Agency of the district of Constance aiming to promote e-mobility in the region.

Nov. 2, 2013,

Start for the E-Taxi 2 in Munich

The daily newspaper for renewable energy and sustainability,, reports on the launch of the e-taxi 2 as part of the project “E-Plan Munich”. As of November 2013, the e-taxi 2 from the Munich taxi company Isarfunk will load efficiently at six locations in the city using only one ubitricity charging cable.

Oct. 23, 2013, Berliner Morgenpost

Refueling at the lighting pole

Refueling at the lighting pole: The Berlin Morgenpost reports on ubitricity and emphasizes the special role Berlin’s streetlights will soon play (Article in German). 

Oct. 14, 2013, Handelsblatt

Handelsblatt E-Mobility Special

The leading German business newspaper “Handelsblatt” publishes an          e-mobility special and devotes extra attention to ubitricity’s innovative charging solution and simplified billing system. 

June 28, 2013, Der ADAC Blog zur Elektromobilität und alternativen Antrieben

ADAC tests ubitricity system

On its eMobility blog, the German Automobile Club (ADAC) reports about the field testing of the ubitricity system, concluding that “the installation of a system socket is hardly more complicated than connecting a ceiling light above the dining table” (article in German).  

May 18, 2013, Süddeutsche Zeitung

What a grasp!

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung portraits Heinz Dürr and acknowledges his god grasp for the right topics for investing in ubitricity (Article in German).

May 18, 2013, Berliner Morgenpost

ubitricity as most favorite green Start-Up

Hans Evert points out why ubitricity is Berlin’s most favorite green Start-Up (Article in German).

May 17, 2013, Berliner Morgenpost

Heinz Dürr at ubitricitys

Berliner Morgenpost writes about Heinz Dürr’s investement in ubitricity (Article in German).

May 17, 2013, ZDF Morgenmagazin

ubitricity in ZDF Morgenmagazin

ZDF-Morgenmagazin reports about VC-funding in Germany. Wolfgang Seibold (Earlybird) talks the successful financing round from ubitricity.

May 17, 2013, WirtschaftsWoche

Heinz Dürr invests in ubitricity

In the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, author Christian Schlesiger comments on the investment of Heinz Dürr in ubitricity (Article in German).

April 16, 2013, Tagesspiegel

EV Charging at Street Light

The German newspaper Tagesspiegel reports on the future of street lights: The simple system sockets by ubitricity can easily be integrated in urban furniture such as street lights. This presents the first solution for a large number of charging spots in public spaces that is affordable and eliminates additional underground construction (Article in German).

April 4, 2013, VDI Nachrichten

Take on the Start-Up Challenge

Peter Trechow reports on the opportunities and the challenges of working in the dynamic surroundings of a start up company. (Article in German)

April 3, 2013, energie+mobilität 1/2013


energie+mobilität-nachhaltig unterwegs, an insert of energiespektrum published in April 2013, comments on the opportunities of creating a dense and yet affordable charging infrastructure by integrating system sockets in street lights (Article in German).

March 30, 2013, E-Mail 1/2013, Magazin des Forum Elektromobilität

Charging at the Street Light

E-Mail, the Forum Elektromobilität magazine, points out the advantages of a charging infrastructure based on mobile metering technology in public spaces (Article in German).

March 28, 2013, Gründerszene

5 major trends in green startups

Magdalena Räth is writing about major trands in green start-ups, ranging from smart home technologies to green search engines. The renowned online magazine counts ubitricity among the promising start-ups of the e mobility sector.

Jan. 1, 2013, Handelsblatt

Looking to the future

German Handelsblatt counts ubitricity founders and managing directors Knut Hechtfischer and Frank Pawlitschek among those visionary entrepreneurs providing new perspectives for 2013.

March 14, 2013, BINE Informationsdienst Industrie&Gewerbe

Charging EVs at the street light

ubitricity Managing Director and Founder Frank Pawlitschek talks about the future of charging in cities: charging points as part of the street light (article in German).

Feb. 28, 2013, Charged Electric Vehicles Magazin

ubitricity's mobile EV charging intelligence

The company ubitricity plans to reduce rollout costs by removing the “intelligence” from the charging access point, because the intelligence - billing, metering, access control, cloud connection, etc. - is what makes charging points expensive. 

Feb. 22, 2013, Markt & Technik: Special Issue Elektromechnik & Passive Bauelemente

TE delivers intelligent charging cables

ubitricity partner TE Connectivity will be in charge of series production of the intelligent charging cable based on Mobile Metering Technology as off 2014.

Feb. 19, 2013, Berliner Morgenpost

Pragmatic solutions for EVs

Hans Evert points to the challenge of meeting the demands of e-mobility and the shift to renewable energies as envisaged in political discourse. He points to the importance of approaches tailored to users' daily needs, as exemplified by Berlin based start-ups. (Article in German)

Feb. 19, 2013, Der Tagesspiegel

Saving the climate, and the day

Maris Hubschmid is writing on the the first "Infratour" of the Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI). The ubitricity Mobile Metering solution, enabling the inclusion of charging points in street lights by relying on mobile metering and billing technology, presents an approach tailored to users' daily needs. (Article in German)

Feb. 19, 2013, Berliner Zeitung

Back to the energy future

Thomas Rogalla reports on the first "Infratour" of the Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI). Making infrastructure affordable yet enabling intelligent grid services by relying on mobile technology presents a smart alternative to conventional infrastructure appraoches. (Article in German)

Feb. 15, 2013, manager magazin online

German start-up intends to fill in the blanks of EV charging infrastrukture

The hype about electric vehicles is over and building a German-wide charging infrastructure stagnates. Now, the startup ubitricity offers a solution that makes charging infrastructure much more affordable. Town councils show interest - and the EU starts to push.

Feb. 13, 2013, Bloomberg Businessweek Technology

German start-up ubitricity’s New Way to Recharge Electric Cars

ubitricity is attempting to make electric-car charging ubiquitous with a mobile electric meter that drivers can carry around in their trunk. The company is making its first thousand plugs available this year.

Feb. 12, 2013, gigaOM

German start-up: EV charging services akin to cell phone service?

gigaOM's Jonathan Gifford writes about the innovative potential of the Mobile Metering appraoch. Especially in the face of the slow roll-out of EVs, ubitricity's infrastructure system provides for business models and incentives for a widespread roll-out of charging infrastructure. This resolves the classic bottleneck of e-mobility.

Feb. 1, 2013, Energie & Technik

Charging at the street light

ubitricity and TE Connectivity are jointly planning and implementing an innovative EV charging infrastructure, making charging in public spaces affordable. TE Connectivity's Alexander Jakob, Director Global Product Management for Hybrid & Electric Mobility Solutions, explains the details to Energie & Technik.

Jan. 26, 2013, Süddeutsche Zeitung

The EV project is about to die?

Michael Bauchmüller and Markus Balser point to the importance of innovative approaches to save the EV project. ubitricity's infrastructure solution, enabling charging at street lights or in other places on the go yet offering an affordable introduction, does just that. 

Jan. 22, 2013, DIE WELT

Will EVs soon be charging at street lights?

Street lights have always been more than just the light bulb: lock your bike, attach a message... or charge your EV. Berlin based ubitricity is offering a concept to do just that. And the city is more than interested.

Jan. 22, 2013, Die Morgenpost

Turning street lights into charging points

Berlin-based start up ubitricity offers an affordable solution for public charging infrastructure. City officials are interested.

Jan. 16, 2013,

Make street lights into charging points!

ubitricity's solution enables future proof modes of mobility. Especially urban areas stand to profit.

Jan. 13, 2013, Clean Energy Project

Charging at the street light

The battery, the range, the infrastructure - to turn an EV into an everyday car, it has to be more than just a green sports car. The German Nationale Plattform Elektromobilität recently demanded the realization of infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. ubitricity offers a solution.

Jan. 4, 2013, Handelsblatt

Make things easy.

ubitricity founders and Managing Directors Knut Hechtfischer and Frank Pawlitschek portrayed by the German Handelsblatt.

March 26, 2014, RBB Abendschau

Chances of Electric Mobility

In their evening report "Abendschau", the rbb reports on how to turn street lights into affordable charging spots for electric vehicles.

May 23, 2012, Tagesspiegel

Where will I plug in?

In his article "Suche Anschluss für mein Auto" (article in German), Tagesspiegel author Matthias Mechnich highlights the difficulties of introducing EVs without an affordable and widespread infrastructure. Mobile Metering is presented as an alternative to expensive conventional infrastructure systems.

Dec. 3, 2012, DER SPIEGEL

Giving street lights a day job

Should the state be paying for expensive new charging spots for EVs? ubitricity does not think so.

Nov. 30, 2012, VDI

A lean alternative to Hubject

Hubject still has to prove itself. Mobile Metering provides for a lean alternative. With mobile intelligence as envisioned by ubitricity, any street light could soon be turned into a charging point.

July 14, 2012, Die Welt

Two guys greening the gas station

German daily newspaper "Die Welt" features ubitricity in an article on infrastructure solutions that enable frequent recharging.

June 3, 2012, Berliner Morgenpost

The green charging station

An article in the print version of Berliner Morgenpost points out the potential of mobile metering for e-mobility infrastructure: If only two per cent of German street lights were used as charging points, the goal of 150.000 public charging points could already be reached by 2020.

April 13, 2012, Forum Elektromobilität Infothek

Mobile metering technology enables custommade charging infrastructure

The Forum ElektroMobilität regularly presents the latest in market developments in the EV sector on its website. It counts ubitricity's Mobile Metering System among the most innovative ideas.

April 3, 2012, Tageszeitung für Eneuerbare Energie und Nachhaltigkeit

Mobile Metering: The Meter is in the Car

ubitricity's innovative infrastructure concept increasingly attracts international interest: currently, Austria's "Tageszeitung für Erneuerbare Energie und Nachhaltigkeit, the country's largest online magazine covering renewables and sustainability, is portraying the advantages of mobile metering technology.

March 27, 2012, Handelsblatt

"Making the future"

Today's print version of Handelsblatt features a portrait of Knut Hechtfischer and Frank Pawlitschek, ubitricity founders and managing directors, demed "makers of the future" by the renowned German newspaper.

March 27, 2012, Gründerszene

ubitricity featured in the Scan of Startups

Following the presentation of the Mobile Metering system and prototypes at the Ecosummit 2012, ubitricity has been featured in the Gründerszene's scan of innovative start ups.

Jan. 14, 2012, Wirtschaftswoche

One of the 30 most innovative start ups

ubitricity has been chosen as one of the 30 start ups deemed most innovative by the German Wirtschaftswoche.