Phase-out of
ubitricity SmartCable

With our SmartCable offer, ubitricity provided an innovative approach to make charging more convenient for customers. In recent years, the electric mobility public charging market has developed to support open charging networks and roaming services.

With these developments, it is now the right time to ensure our public charging offer supports these open standards – allowing all customers to charge at an ubitricity charge point. We will therefore be phasing out our SmartCable and mobile metering offer in the UK.

What does the phase-out mean?

The phase-out means that we will be terminating all SmartCable contracts in the UK when the contract has expired.

We apologise for any inconvenience this announcement may cause, and we will support every customer affected by the discontinuance of the ubitricity SmartCable. If you have further questions, please take a look at our FAQs, or contact our customer support team via

Price rise for ubitricity SmartCable customers

The significant increase in the cost of electricity is affecting individuals and businesses across the country, including ubitricity.  Whilst we have worked hard to keep prices as low as possible for customers, it is no longer possible for us to absorb the higher costs. We havetherefore increased the price and simplifyed the offer for SmartCable customers in March 2022. 

The proposed price increase does not reflect the full cost impact ubitricity faces with the unprecendented increase in the wholesale electricity cost.


Monthly Price


Plug-in Price


kWh Price

FAQ for SmartCable phase-out

You can find answers to the most common questions regarding the SmartCable phase-out here.

What does the phase-out of the SmartCable mean for me?

We will no longer be selling SmartCables. However, if you currently use a SmartCable and are still within your contract period, you can continue using your cable as usual. Once you have reached the end of your contract, we will be in touch to cancel your SmartCable contract.

Why have I received a termination of contract letter?

You have received a termination letter because you have reached the end of your SmartCable contract. This means you will no longer be charged a monthly fee and your SmartCable will be deactivated. Of course, you can continue using the ubitricity charge points by scanning the QR code or using the Shell Recharge App.

When will I receive a termination letter?

You will receive a termination letter shortly before your contract is ending.

Are there any other options by ubitricity to charge my car?

Yes – you can continue using the ubitricity charge points with a standard type 2 cable. Simply choose between our Pay as You Go methods by simply scanning the QR codes on our charge points with your phone or use the Shell Recharge App.

Can I cancel my SmartCable agreement if it is still within contract?

Yes, please contact to cancel your contract.

What happens to my SmartCable after my contract has been cancelled?

Once your contract has terminated, you can contact us at to arrange for us to collect and safely dispose of your cable.

What if my SmartCable isn’t working?

All cables under active warranty period can be repaired or replaced. If there is an issue with your SmartCable, please contact

How long is my contractual warranty for my cable?

Please refer to your contract with us to confirm. In most cases, if you have a 2-year contract your cable will have a 3-year warranty from the date your contract started.

What if a charge point does not have a QR code? How can I access it?

In case a charge point does not have a QR code please inform us via or contact our hotline +44 800 024 6279.

Can I still use my cable once contract is terminated?

Once your contract is cancelled by us, your cable will no longer be covered by warranty. Please contact our customer service team if you would like ubitricity to arrange collection and safe disposal of your cable.

Will Pay as You Go prices also increase?

Our PAYG price is agreed with individual Councils. We continue to monitor the price of our network.

Who can I contact in case of any further question?

You can contact our customer service team via +44 800 024 6279 or email us at for more information.