Citroën AMI and ubitricity lamppost charge points

Citroën and ubitricity are proud to announce a European partnership which aims to make e-mobility more accessible for drivers in cities all over Europe.


Less is more. The Citroën AMI and ubitricity lamppost chargers have been created with space saving in mind. ubitricity charge points can be installed into existing street lights, and the AMI takes up just half a parking space.



The 100% electric AMI emits zero emissions when driving and when you charge at an ubitricity charge point you know that all energy is generated from 100% renewable sources.



Transforming the landscape of e-mobility, Citroën and ubitricity are changing what driving and charging an electric vehicle looks like.


Zwei iPhone-Screens zeigen die Direct-Access-Funktionalität für das Laden an ubitricity-Ladestationen.

Introducing the Citroën and ubitricity cooperation

Starting in London, the collaboration will help buyers of Citroën’s Ami to recharge at on-street parking when it launches in September 2022.

The first UK drivers who purchase a new Citroën Ami will receive free charging for 3 months at ubitricity’s EV charging network of over 5,500 lamppost EV chargers across the UK (*limited offer, please see Terms and Conditions for more info).

How can I secure my three months of free ubitricity charging?

As one of the first UK buyers of the new Citroën AMI, you should have received an individual discount code from your local Citroën dealer. Please contact your Citroën contact person if you haven’t received yours automatically.

To start your free charging sessions, please activate your discount with your individual code in the Shell Recharge app. The discount will then automatically apply for three months at ubitricity charge points.

Your discount code can not be used via ubitricity’s Direct Access charging. Please note that we also recommend using the official Citroën adapter to avoid technical problems when connecting to the charge point.

Portrait of Daniel Kunkel, CEO at ubitricity.

Daniel Kunkel
CEO of ubitricity

“We believe that the visions of Citroën’s AMI and ubitricity’s lamppost charge points align neatly – both solutions are innovative, space-saving, simple, mindful of resources, and affordable. The cooperation aims to offer a full-service package for EV drivers as well as local authorities.”


Find our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the Citroën and ubitricity collaboration below.

Who can benefit from the promotion?

Citroen AMI customers with an active Shell Recharge accounts in the United Kingdom can benefit from the promotion.

How can I claim the promotion?

The promotion can be claimed and redeemed via the Shell Recharge App. To get the promotion, please go to the “Rewards & Partnerships” section of the Shell Recharge App, enter the partnership code to make the offer visible. Next, activate the promotion by clicking on the offer and entering the unique ID that you received by Citroën per email.

I am having trouble redeeming the offer within the Shell Recharge App – where can I get support?

For help with the Shell Recharge app, please email or call 0203 868 1036.

What is the duration of the promotion?

The promotion will be valid for 3 months starting from the date you activate it. The duration of the activated promotion will be visible in the app during this period. We’ll contact you by email to confirm the offer has ended.

Where can I use the discounted charging promotion?

Once the Promotion is activated, you can charge with 100% discount at all ubitricity charge points in the United Kingdom in the Shell Recharge network.

How can I locate participating charging stations on the Shell Recharge network?

You can find ubitricity charge points in the Shell Recharge App. Participating charge points can be identified by the charge point name and charge point operator name ‘ubitricity’ and the ubitricity logo shown in the charge point detail screen Moreover, the discount will be visible on the charge point preview screen of the charge points that are eligible for the promotion.

Is this promotion applicable to other countries aside from the UK?

No, this promotion is only applicable to ubitricity charge points, for customers in the United Kingdom. However, you can use your charge card and app to charge at regular price at all other charge points in the Shell Recharge roaming network.

Where can I see the 100% discount applied?

Once the promotion is activated, the updated price including the discount will be visible on the charge point preview screen and charge point more information screen of the participating charge points. The discounted price will also be visible in the summary screen after the charging session and details will be included in your monthly invoice.

Can I use this promotion alongside other promotions in the Shell Recharge app?

Yes, you can still take advantage of offers on other charge points in the Shell Recharge network.

What will happen if I exceed the offer limit?

Please do not exceed the usage limit stated within the terms and conditions. If this limit is exceeded, we may remove you from the promotion. If this happens, we’ll contact you by email.

Who should I contact if I have difficulty charging?

If you experience any issues when charging, contact the ubitricity support.

Was passiert, wenn ich ohne Registrierung lade und der Akku meines Smartphones leer ist?

Ihr Smartphone wird lediglich für die Autorisierung des Ladevorgangs benötigt. Wird Ihr Akku während des Ladevorgangs leer, können Sie den Ladevorgang wie gewohnt durch Abziehen des Ladekabels zuerst am Fahrzeug, dann am Ladepunkt beenden. Sie zahlen nur für den Strom, den Sie tatsächlich geladen haben. Ihre Rechnung erhalten Sie wie gewohnt per E-Mail.

Kann ich mein E-Bike, meinen E-Scooter oder andere elektrisch motorisierte Kleinst- und Leichtfahrzeuge an diesem Ladepunkt laden?

Unsere Ladepunkte sind auf den Gebrauch durch E-Fahrzeuge ausgerichtet. Für das Laden von E-Bikes, E-Scooter und andere elektrisch motorisierte Kleinst- und Leichtfahrzeuge übernehmen wir keine Haftung.

Kann ich mein Smartphone oder andere technische Geräte mittels eines Adapters an diesem Ladepunkt laden?

Unsere Ladepunkte sind auf den Gebrauch durch E-Fahrzeuge ausgerichtet. Für das Laden von Smartphones und anderen technischen Geräten übernehmen wir keine Haftung.