The intelligent charging solution for EVs in apartment buildings

You live in an apartment building and want to charge your EV easily and comfortably? ubitricity solves this problem intelligent for everyone involved: affordable infrastructure for the owner and simple reimbursement for the owner, precise billing for you. A clean solution – also for the environment, using 100% green electricity.

Convincing for the owner

The ubitricity charging spots come at a fair price and entail next to no running costs – a good deal for your landlord.

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Convincing for your neighbours

The general electricity bill for the building is not affected. This is fair and practical for you and your neighbours.

Convincing for you

Thanks to the calibrated electricity meter integrated into the intelligent charging cable, you only pay for the electricity you actually charged – with precise, kWh-based metering.

The charging spots

ubitricity offers the suitable charging spot for every location – outdoors or indoors.

Green electricity for your EV

Electric mobility makes sense when it’s powered exclusively by green electricity. Using a SmartCable with a green power contract ensures your electricity is green.

Get in touch

You want to learn more about the ubitricity solution together with your landlord? We’re glad to develop the perfect solution to suit your requirements.

The installation variants

The right charging spot for every location

Do you have any questions?
We’re glad to help.

Individual solutions need good consulting. You can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience. We walk the walk to the right solution for charging infrastructure and billing with you.

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